Gastronomy is part of an unforgettable vacation and in Paros you will find unique products of the island and of Cycladic tradition.

Guna: famous fish delicacy (sun dried and then grilled mackerel)
Suma local raki: is an alcoholic beverage from distilling grape leftovers from the summer harvest.
Parian wine: The vineyards of Paros are famous and celebrated since the ancient times. The lovers of wine will taste the exquisite red wine variety Mandilaria and the excellent white wine variety Monemvasia, as well as other varieties such as the black Aidani and Vaftra.
Snails (karavolous): delicious traditional dish served mostly at the village Lefkes.
thyme honey: produced by the local beekeepers
capers: will add special flavor to your salads and sauces.
traditional cheeses of Paros: anthotiro, touloumissio, ladotiri and xinomizithra are afew of the excellent cheese produced on the island