Paros islandParos island

Paros is the island to visit for someone who wishes to have a magical and unique destination experience. One of the most popular holiday spots in the world, Paros is a dream vacation destination for tourists all year round. This island is a place where one can get just the right serenity to relax the mind and the soul. There are several features that will attract you to Paros such as stunning beaches, charming villages, magnificent ancient sites and breathtaking sunset views.

Famous beaches

  • Agia Irini: (West, south of Parikia)
  • Agioi Anargyri: (Naoussa)
  • Aliki: (South)
  • Ambelas: (North-east coast)
  • Delphini Beach: (Outskirts of Parikia, south-west)
  • Drios (South)
  • Farangas, Akrotiri: (South)
  • Golden Beach & New Golden Beach (South-east)
  • Kalakonas: (Parikia Bay opposite Livadia)
  • Kolimbithres: (Naoussa west)
  • Langeri: (Naoussa north-east)
  • Livadia: (Parikia town):
  • Martselo & Krios: (Parikia opposite harbor)
  • Molos: (East Coast)
  • Monastiri Beach: (Naoussa west)
  • Parasporos: (South-west of Parikia)
  • Piperi Beach: (Naoussa centre)
  • Pounda Beach: (South-east)
  • Santa Maria: (Naoussa east)